Understanding KVM a little more :)

By | 14th August 2015

KVM has been around for quite some time but never tried to do much with it. With Openstack, KVM has been the default hypervisor of the choice and KVM has good support in openstack  community.

Some of my explorations led to few great readings and some trial and errors on KVM.

What is KVM: Introduction is probably not needed since most of the people know it. More details are available in the kvm site.


Few of the important points and useful tools for using KVM:-

  1. KVM can be installed using the following command in ubuntu.

           #:~$ sudo apt-get install kvm

    2. KVM can be managed by Virt-Manager. This has some limitations and does not have all the features if you are using an older version of it. especially the snapshot feature available after 1.0.1.

    3. O-virt can be used to manage the KVM instance similar to vcenter server.

    More details about manging it

   @  http://www.ovirt.org/Home

  4. Command line to manage it using vrish.

Checking if the KVM is installed:

rajeev@rajeev:~$ kvm-ok
INFO: /dev/kvm exists
KVM acceleration can be used

rajeev@rajeev:~$ virt-manager –version

Will follow more blogs with kvm and openstack.

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