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Installation of Powercli 10.0 on Linux(powercli support for mac/linux)

By | 4th March 2018

Powercli on Linux ( The latest version of Powercli 10.0 supports Linux and Mac. In this blog I am trying to explore powercli on Ubuntu(linux). Wrote a small bash script which can do the Installation of Powershell Core and Powercli Installation on Ubuntu 16.04 It does the following:- 1. Check if the version is Ubuntu… Read More »

Using Ansible to install vmware tools (open-vm-tools)

By | 1st August 2015

Installation of vmware tools for linux versions can be done using the open-vm-tools. Noticed the below message while trying to install vmware tools on my Ubuntu 14.04 $ sudo ./ [sudo] password for rsa: open-vm-tools are available from the OS vendor and VMware recommends using open-vm-tools. See for more information. Do you still want… Read More »

Monitoring specific Hosts using VMware Log Insight

By | 5th May 2015

If you want to specifically monitor a single host in the Log insight then this can be done using the following steps:- 1. Click on Administration on the left corner of the screen. 2. Add vCenter server ip to vsphere Integration and test the connection.   3. Click on advance options and select the host… Read More »

Creating Nested ESXi VMs using Powercli

By | 5th May 2015

In case of lab environments the best method is to create Nested ESXi VMs. This can be accomplished easily by creating ESXiVMs with the GOS as ESXi 5.x. Wrote a  small script which does the same thing. There might be other ways of doing this like using autodeploy or using API to create the ESXiVMs at the… Read More »

vCloud director: List of available powercli commands (vcd)

By | 17th February 2015

PowerCLI C:Program Files (x86)VMwareInfrastructurevSphere PowerCLI> Connect-CIServer -server -User Administrator -Password ” PowerCLI C:Program Files (x86)VMwareInfrastructurevSphere PowerCLI> get-command -Module | select name Name —- Add-CIDatastore Connect-CIServer Disconnect-CIServer Get-Catalog Get-CIAccessControlRule Get-CIDatastore Get-CINetworkAdapter Get-CIRole Get-CIUser Get-CIVApp Get-CIVAppNetwork Get-CIVAppStartRule Get-CIVAppTemplate Get-CIView Get-CIVM Get-ExternalNetwork Get-Media Get-NetworkPool Get-Org Get-OrgNetwork Get-OrgVdc Get-ProviderVdc Import-CIVApp Import-CIVAppTemplate New-CIAccessControlRule New-CIVApp New-CIVAppNetwork New-CIVAppTemplate New-Org New-OrgNetwork… Read More »

Finding Boot disk esxi :-

By | 28th October 2014

Get the boot disk ~ # esxcfg-info -b d3423273-74866287-4957-deafeb817dc7 Get the naa id of the disk using vmkfstools ~ # vmkfstools -Ph /vmfs/volumes/d3423273-74866287-4957-deafeb817dc7 vfat-0.04 file system spanning 1 partitions. File system label (if any): Mode: private Capacity 249.7 MB, 103.6 MB available, file block size 4 KB UUID: d3423273-74866287-4957-deafeb817dc7 Partitions spanned (on “disks”): naa.600508b1001c9bf288be32a406a9974d:6 Is… Read More »

Adding a single vib to software depot using powercli

By | 23rd August 2014

Use the following -PackageURL command to add a single vib to software Depot. Once it added we can add it to the Image Profile >Get-ESXsoftwarePackage –PackageURL <url of the vib> e.g. Following example I am adding the tools for ESXVMs(nested ESX) – It is available as a fling in >>Get-EsxSoftwarePackage -PackageUrl Name Version Vendor… Read More »