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List of openstack components, agents and services

By | 18th September 2015

Openstack can be considered a set of projects which can control compute,storage & networking resources. Each of this projects have a list of components which are required for running the system. This have been classified into a host of agents, services and apis which help power the openstack. The biggest challenge for anyone starting on… Read More »

Using Command line on devstack (

By | 8th September 2015

Command line helps to nail down the issues with devstack. The easiest method is to import the open.rc.file and the export it. 1. Go to Access and Security. 2. Download the file to the devstack machine. 3. Run the following command and enter your password. stack@ubuntu:~$ source Please enter your OpenStack Password: 4. stack@ubuntu:~$… Read More »

packstack error with neutron

By | 30th July 2015

Every since I started working with openstack. I have tried different methods right from manual installation of every component —  devstack. One of of the most easiest method of installing openstack is using the RDO repo with packstack. I got the following error  unfortunately I was unable to find the issue. Had to use step 3(revert back… Read More »

openstack nova python api

By | 23rd March 2014

Exploring the python nova api/commands…. The easiest way to the learn Openstack api is to use the devstack. Install the devstack on an Ubuntu machine(I have a 13.10 where devstack is running and an LTS 12.05 where I have installed my Nova client) 1. GIT Clone using the command git clone 2. Once done… Read More »