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Installation of Powercli 10.0 on Linux(powercli support for mac/linux)

By | 4th March 2018

Powercli on Linux ( The latest version of Powercli 10.0 supports Linux and Mac. In this blog I am trying to explore powercli on Ubuntu(linux). Wrote a small bash script which can do the Installation of Powershell Core and Powercli Installation on Ubuntu 16.04 It does the following:- 1. Check if the version is Ubuntu… Read More »

Understanding KVM a little more :)

By | 14th August 2015

KVM has been around for quite some time but never tried to do much with it. With Openstack, KVM has been the default hypervisor of the choice and KVM has good support in openstack  community. Some of my explorations led to few great readings and some trial and errors on KVM. What is KVM: Introduction is probably not needed… Read More »