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AWS S3 Bucket Versioning: Protecting S3 data using bucket versioning & listing of buckets with version using python sdk(boto3)

By | 20th January 2019

In this blog post, we are trying to use versioning for S3 buckets. One of the important concepts of buckets is it to keep the versioning of the buckets. This helps if you have deleted the object/bucket by mistake. More informationis available @ Version can be also enabled from the aws console. Click on… Read More »

AWS S3 creating,listing and deleting buckets using python SDK(boto3)

By | 15th January 2019

One of the way S3 buckets can be managed is using boto3 – python SDK for AWS.  Documentation: The following examples helps to get started on the S3 with boto3. We will be using Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS) for installing boto3, awscli – useful for configuration of the credentials 1. Install boto3 on Ubuntu using pip#pip… Read More »

Installation of Powercli 10.0 on Linux(powercli support for mac/linux)

By | 4th March 2018

Powercli on Linux ( The latest version of Powercli 10.0 supports Linux and Mac. In this blog I am trying to explore powercli on Ubuntu(linux). Wrote a small bash script which can do the Installation of Powershell Core and Powercli Installation on Ubuntu 16.04 It does the following:- 1. Check if the version is Ubuntu… Read More »

Ansible 2.0 installation ERROR on ubuntu ! {Unexpected Exception: No module named markupsafe}

By | 4th May 2016

The latest Ansible is available now and it can be easily installed on Ubuntu 14. Ansible installation was giving the following error while trying to install. It was pretty easy to get it fixed. During the installation of Ansible it was giving the below error. >> rsa@ubdesktop:~$ ansible ERROR! Unexpected Exception: No module named markupsafe… Read More »

vSphere ESXi white box up and running

By | 18th August 2015

Home Lab: (though not directly related to tools but various tools are used to have the lab running)  🙂 Purpose: My purpose of the home lab was to do something different from the regular tasks done at office. As all the vmware vsphere home lab users around the world, I too have started with white… Read More »