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Patching ESX/ESXi using Powercli

By | 20th July 2014

Applying ESX patching using Powercli I always had problem remembering the fields needed for patching ESXi using Powercli. This time I thought I will write it down. Get the command as a variable $cli so that it is easy. PowerCLI C:Program Files (x86)VMwareInfrastructurevSphere PowerCLI> $cli=Get-VMHost | Get-EsxCli Run the command to understand the fields… Read More »

Powercli: Getting details of VM in a host/vCenter

By | 18th June 2013

1. Connect the to the server/vc : Connect-VIServer -server 2.List the parameters for which we need the information. e.g. HardDisks,PowerState,host Get-VM | Format-List name,HardDisks,PowerState,host HardDisks                                                                      : {Hard disk 1} CDDrives                                                                       : {CD/DVD drive 1} FloppyDrives                                                                   : {Floppy drive 1} NetworkAdapters                                                                : {Network adapter 1, Network adapter 2} UsbDevices                                                                     : {} Host                                                                           : Id                                                                             :… Read More »