Adding a single vib to software depot using powercli

By | 23rd August 2014

Use the following -PackageURL command to add a single vib to software Depot.

Once it added we can add it to the Image Profile

>Get-ESXsoftwarePackage –PackageURL <url of the vib>


Following example I am adding the tools for ESXVMs(nested ESX) – It is available as a fling in

>>Get-EsxSoftwarePackage -PackageUrl

Name Version Vendor Creation Date
—- ——- —— ————
esx-tools-for-esxi 9.7.1-0.0.00000 VMware 3/27/2014…

Query if the software package has been added.

>>Get-EsxSoftwarePackage | Select-String esx-tools*

esx-tools-for-esxi 9.7.1-0.0.00000